Kogan agora netbook review


The agora comes with three USB ports – two on left side (with plenty of space between them) and one on the right. Next to the USB port on the right is a memory card reader, which makes the agora an ideal traveling companion along with a digital camera. You can quickly empty the contents of your camera’s card to the netbook, and then onto picasa, flickr, facebook, etc.

On the right side of the netbook is an ethernet port (with a blanked out dial-up modem port next door) and also a VGA out and power in connector.

Back to the left side – next to the two USB ports mentioned earlier are two 3.5mm jacks for headphones and a microphone (there is also another blanked out port for mini firewire, which never made the cut).

Internally, there is a wireless network card (an internal USB device) supporting 802.11b/g, but no bluetooth. No bluetooth internally that is. According to Kogan, everyone wanted bluetooth, but rarely used it, so the pro version comes with a USB dongle.

Whilst the USB bluetooth dongle is very small, it is probably the one thing I wish was different. Firstly, the dongle looks like it is not pushed in all the way (the black semi circle shell of the dongle does not mate with the netbook) as the USB plug is too long. Had the shell met the laptop, it would have been less protruding, and could have just stayed plugged in all the time. However it doesn’t, and leaving it plugged in when stowing the netbook is asking for it to be sheared off.

The second issue with the tiny dongle, is keeping track of it! I only use the dongle when I am out and about (to connect to my 3G mobile for internet access), and it has to live in the coin pocket of my wallet so I do not lose it. It’s a small complaint to have overall, but I do wish bluetooth was built in.


The agora pro comes with a 4400mAh 6 cell battery, and the basic testing I have done of general use surfing the net using bluetooth or wifi, as well as watching a movie has yielded around 4 hours of battery life.

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9 thoughts on “Kogan agora netbook review”

  1. Hey Kayno, how beefy is it when it’s doing some decent processing (such as rendering graphics, or running some decent PHP/httpd stuff)?

  2. Hi Kathy

    I haven’t put the processor through any pain yet, but as far as rendering videos and web pages, it doesn’t miss a beat.

    For it’s intended purpose – email, surfing, social buzzwording – it has all the power it needs.

  3. Good review. Thank you. Still not super-keen on these yum-cha (off-brand) netbooks, but this one sounds like good value for money. Will be interested in your thoughts on it in 6mths time, after some heavier use and some full battery cycles.

  4. Hi, saw about a discount code you’ve provided someone on whirlpool forums.. Mind sharing that with me? I’m thinking about buying one, and the code would come in very handy..:)


  5. Hi Peter

    The 5% discount code is KGNBUCK

    The Kogan site says the agora pro is currently out of stock but will be shipping again in a week.


  6. Thanks Kayne,
    Have been following for a while now and have limited experience with Ubuntu. With the price, your blog and the code I have decided to take the plunge.


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