my electricity challenge – week 1

One week after laying down my challenge, it is time to see how it is coming along. To re-cap – I have set myself a challenge to use less than 12 kWh of electricity per day (on average), by the end of this year.

Each night after work this week I have read my meter, and using these readings I have been able to calculate my daily usage, which I now present below in a pretty, interactive graph.

As you can see I got off to a great start – the first two days were below my target. However after that it all went belly up, and I am unsure why. The only explanation I have for the difference between the days is that the (electric) oven was used to cook dinner a couple of nights.

My average for this week was 14 kWh per day. Below the average on my previous bill, but 2 kWh above my target!

I have also tried again to minimise my usage this week. My laptop used to be on most of the time however it now suspends and sleeps after 1 hour of being idle, so it is off whilst I sleep and work. I have also replaced another two halogen downlights with the CFL type.

Hopefully these changes will help to bring my usage down next week, as I am running out of ideas. I really don’t want to go back to washing dishes in the sink – I like the dishwasher too much!

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