arduino weather station receiver shield

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arduino weather station receiver shield
Arduino weather station receiver

Based entirely on the Practical Arduino Weather Station Receiver project, I have created my first arduino shield.

I have a BIOS/Thermor DG950R weather station (purchased from Jaycar), and whilst the Practical Arduino project sketch is for a La Crosse weather station, I have rewritten the Practical Arduino code to receive, decode and output the weather information from the DG950R. This allows me to capture the data, and store in a database.

Once I have finished fine tuning the sketch for the DG950R, I will upload it for all to see.

Update: A further post contains links to the sketch/code:

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13 thoughts on “arduino weather station receiver shield”

  1. I’ve just done a blog post on the Practical Arduino site pointing to this page, and added a reference to it at the bottom of the Weather Station Receiver project page. I hope that’s OK.

    Cheers :-)


  2. Hello,
    Thanks for the post, I am looking forward to trying this out.
    I do have one question. I live near a race track that I believe transmit timing between scoring stations and was wondering if they might be sending out the signals at the same frequency? Don’t laugh if I seam way off, I am very new to the arduino world.

  3. Hi,
    how did you manage to know which receiver to use, and how did you decode the protocol?
    I have an Auriol H13726:

    It’s said to be a clone of this:

    I have an Arduino UNO and these receivers to experiment with:

    (put above codes in search field)

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