Half the price, double the data with 3 Mobile Internet


After upgrading my phone to an HTC Desire, I quickly realised – after eating through 100MB in a weekend – that my 250MB mobile internet plan with Three mobile was not enough!

I decided yesterday to call Three (133 320) to see what upgrades they had to offer. Whilst on hold, I found Three’s mobile internet plans, listing the plans and prices they offer.

After finally getting through to an operator, I requested to sign up for 12 months to take advantage of doubling my data to 500MB. The helpful person at Three informed me that this would cost $4 a month.

“$4 – shouldn’t that be $8!?”. I was then told that there was a special offer – signing up for 12 months meant double the data, at half the price. I then asked about the $20/1GB plan, and sure enough, I was able to sign up for 2GB for just $10 a month – an eight fold increase on my original quota, for only $2 more. It was a no brainer, and I now have 2GB of data a month.

Today I called Three again to switch to the $4/500MB plan for 12 months on my partner’s phone. During activation I was informed that the “half price/double data” offer ends on the 15th May 2010, so if you are interested, get in quick!

12 month contract? If you break the 12 month contract, there is a $35 fee. Also for the first month you have to pay the full monthly price, pro rata over your billing cycle (i.e if you are half way through your billing cycle and sign up for $20/2GB, you get 1GB for $10, and then 2GB (double) for $10 (half) each month after).

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