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Lara Town Centre Expansion update #5

I received another update from the City of Greater Geelong about the Lara Town Centre Expansion. Seems things are still slowly happening. It’s like a turtle though!

The latest update from the council, in brief:


Council short listed five interested proponents:

  • Coles Group Property Development Ltd
  • Commercial Asset Management Services Pty Ltd
  • Lascorp Development Group Pty Ltd
  • Watpac Development Pty Ltd; and
  • Woolworths Limited.

These parties have now been invited to respond to a Request for Proposal. An evaluation team will review the responses and make a recommendation to Council in the first quarter of 2012 in relation to selection of a preferred developer.

Station Lake Road

Notice of Intention to Sell Land and Notice of Intention to close part of Station Lake Road. Public exhibition of the Local Government Act processes of notice of intention to close road (Station Lake Rd) and notice of intention to sell land have been undertaken. A submission was received in relation to the notice of intention to close part of Station Lake Road, Council is working with the submitter to resolve this submission.

Bowls club

Council has worked with the Bowling Club to provide for a possible alternate location given the need to relocate the existing facilities through the delivery of this Project.

A site at 10 Alkara Ave adjacent to the Lara Recreation Reserve has been purchased by Council. This site was identified in the Lara Outdoor Recreation Facilities Study as a site that Council should purchase to provide for additional recreation facilities and can provide for relocation of the Bowling Club subject to appropriate approvals.

Repairing my Philips FW-380C mini hifi system

Philips FW380-C mini hifi system
Philips FW380-C mini hifi system

This article was also published in the October 2010 issue of “Silicon Chip“, in the Serviceman’s Log.

Back when I was in secondary school I saved all pocket money to purchase a CD player that would allow me to blast out Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd at the kind of volumes that would ensure my parents knew I was home. My choice of equipment: a Philips FW-380C mini hifi system.

Years past and the system went to university with me, where its auxiliary input made a great set of speakers for my computer. But somewhere along the way between then and now, the CD player stopped reading discs, and eventually it wouldn’t even power on.

Last year I tried to offload it at a car boot sale for $40, but no one wanted a stereo system that I couldn’t back with a working guarantee. Finally last weekend, whilst cleaning out the garage, I decided it was time to open it up and see if anything glaringly obvious stood out.

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Lara Town Centre Expansion Project Update #3 April 2010

Lara Town Centre, artist's impression
Artist's impression

The latest news from City of Greater Geelong on the Lara Town Centre Expansion project:

There was also some more info in the email that accompanied this PDF:
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