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Half the price, double the data with 3 Mobile Internet


After upgrading my phone to an HTC Desire, I quickly realised – after eating through 100MB in a weekend – that my 250MB mobile internet plan with Three mobile was not enough!

I decided yesterday to call Three (133 320) to see what upgrades they had to offer. Whilst on hold, I found Three’s mobile internet plans, listing the plans and prices they offer.

After finally getting through to an operator, I requested to sign up for 12 months to take advantage of doubling my data to 500MB. The helpful person at Three informed me that this would cost $4 a month.

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HTC Desire review

Last week I imported the HTC Desire from the UK into Australia to replace my aging Nokia 6120 classic. Up until now I had thought the 6120c met all my mobile phone needs, but I was so wrong.

HTC Desire

The HTC Desire was released in Australia on the 27th April 2010 by Telstra, who unfortunately have a six month exclusivity deal with HTC.

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HTC Magic is coming to 3!

HTC Magic (image courtesy of www.three.com.au)
HTC Magic (image courtesy of www.three.com.au)

3 Australia have announced that the second HTC phone running Google’s Android software, the HTC Magic, is coming soon to a 3 store near you!

No date, nor plans and pricing have been announced yet, but 3 have said it will only be available in black (Vodaphone seem to have the exclusive rights to the white Magic).

You can register your interest with 3, and they promise you will be the first to know once there is more information. It will be interesting to see just how much this will cost and what the the pricing and plan structure will be. Also, I for one am hoping existing 3 customers can upgrade their handset to the Magic, and keep their old plan/cap and pay off the handset over 24 months.

The Magic is skinnier than it’s older brother, the Dream, as it is not a slide phone. This means it does not have a physical keyboard like the Dream, as it makes use of Android’s on screen keyboard. This is a big plus for me – I have a dislike for slide phones, and I have always felt the Dream was a little bit like a small brick!